Best brain foods craft smoothie

Best Brain Foods For Eating Smarter

What we eat doesn’t just impact our weight. Scientists are learning more and more about how we have the potential to improve our brain health and mental function through diet.

While eating "brain foods" is typically associated with studying for exams or improving memory, eating a wide variety of foods rich in brain-nourishing nutrients is important for supporting your overall health and long-term vitality. The food we eat can enhance cognitive function, protect the brain from damage, promote repair, and counteract the effects of ageing [1].

Following a concussion injury six years ago, I have gained a deeper appreciation for the importance of brain health and the role that diet can play in supporting the healing process. I’ve found that eating a balanced diet, getting sufficient sleep, and incorporating light exercise into my weekly routine have been the most influential factors in supporting my recovery. It's been a long process but when I look back, I realise how far I've come and paying attention to my diet has enabled me to feel more in control of managing the concussion symptoms.

Here we're sharing a list of 10 of the best brain foods and how these foods are beneficial in protecting against brain diseases and supporting your long-term mental health. These are all foods that I’ve been proactively integrating into my diet, predominately through incorporating into my breakfast smoothies (with the exception of #10 - you'll understand why when you get there)!

Best Brain Food Craft Smoothie

1. Avocado

2. Blueberries

Brain Food Blueberries

3. Turmeric

Brain Food Turmeric

4. Matcha

Brain Food Matcha

5. Cacao

Brain Food Cacao

6. Pumpkin Seeds

Brain Food Pumpkin Seeds

7. Almonds

Brain Food Almonds

8. Leafy Greens

Brain Food Leafy Greens

9. Blackcurrants

Brain Food Blackcurrant

10. Salmon

Brain Food Salmon

Keep in mind that your brain health is determined by what goes on in your gut so considering the impact that your food choices can have on your brain's long-term health and resistance to disease is always a smart idea! Integrating different combinations of these brain foods into your breakfast smoothies is an easy way to ensure you're fuelling your brain with a diverse range of beneficial nutrients. Want to try making brain-healthy smoothies at home? Give Craft Smoothie a try and you'll get delicious smoothie recipes plus fresh ingredients and superfood mixes delivered to your door.



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