Craft smoothie office fruit box delivery

Office Fruit Box Delivery

Due to popular request, Craft Smoothie is now delivering seasonal fruit boxes direct to your workplace every Monday.

The Craft Smoothie Office Fruit Boxes are carefully crafted with workplace wellness and optimal productivity in mind. We ensure you get the freshest collection of easy-to-eat, seasonal fruit delivered direct to your office each week so you can support a happy, healthy and productive workplace year-round.

To get started, just email and we'll send your office fruit box as soon as you're ready.

Weekly Fruit Box Office Delivery

Why Our Fruit Boxes?

What The Research Says:

Weekly Fruit Box Office Deliveries

How It Works

  1. Contact us to order a weekly office fruit box delivery
  2. Choose your fruit box size (see options below)
  3. Get fruit boxes delivered to your office delivered every Monday
  4. Pause or stop your fruit box deliveries at any time


Our Office Fruit Boxes

Office Fruit Box Delivery - Swappa Crate

What Fruit Can You Expect?

To place an order or find out which fruit box will be the best option for your office, just email and we'll be happy to help.


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