Top NZ Food Delivery Recommendations

While supermarkets are reserving their online shopping and delivery services for vulnerable people during the lockdown, there are thousands of independent Kiwi businesses who are offering direct food delivery during the lockdown.

To support you in navigating your way through the food delivery options in New Zealand, we’ve curated a list of our top picks for a healthy lockdown.

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Pantry Essentials

Most of the items included in our Plant-Based Diet Grocery Shopping List can be purchased online from Ceres Organics - New Zealand's first and largest organic food distributor. You can find a good selection of their organic pantry staples in supermarkets and health stores across New Zealand, but they also have their own online store, making it easy to get everything you need in one shop.

Craft Breakfast

Ceres Organics

Forty Thieves Nut Butters

Forty Thieves Nut Butters Delivered

Gut Health Boosters

Stressful times can have a direct impact on your gut health so it's essential to make sure you're eating a wide variety of colourful fruit and vegetables to help maintain a healthy gut flora profile. Here are a few of our favourite food delivery options to support optimal gut health.

Be Nourished Organic Sauerkraut

Honest Goods - Ahi Cider Tonic

Free Range Meat and Seafood Delivery

If knowing where your food comes from is important to you, we can personally recommend the good folk at Green Meadows Beef and Egmont Seafoods to deliver the goods. 

Green Meadows Beef

Egmont Seafoods

Seafood Food Delivery NZ

Bread Delivery 

When you're working from home, having a quality loaf of bread on stand-by will ensure you can whip up a quick lunch so you have more time to get outside on your lunch break (our smoothies are also great for this)! Whether avocado and tomtato or peanut butter and banana are your jam, these bread delivery options will have you covered.

Wholegrain Organics


Billow Bread

Food Delivery Bread NZ

Meal Kits

Like the supermarkets, My Food Bag has experienced unprecedented levels of demand, and have been unable to take new orders. If you've been hanging out for My Food Bag, you're in luck - they're now able to accept orders from new customers. Or if you're looking to try an alternative food subscription box, WOOP is a trusty local alternative - just make sure they deliver to your area if you live outside of the big cities. Hello Fresh is another meal kit option that offers nationwide delivery and although it's not NZ-owned, we've kept it in the mix as it's becoming an increasingly popular option for Kiwis.

My Food Bag


Hello Fresh 

Food Delivery Meal Kits NZ

Ready Made Meals

Finding pre-made meals in New Zealand using wholefood ingredients and no preservatives is no longer out of the question with providers like Plate Up and Eat a Rainbow changing the game. Now you can get your hands on ready-made meals using ingredients you can trust.

Plate Up

Eat a Rainbow

We'd love to know which food delivery services are keepinng you and your family healthy over the lockdown - send us an email at to feature your recommendations.

As an essential food delivery service, our Superfood Smoothie Boxes are still available during the lockdown - just place your order before midnight on Wednesday for delivery on Tuesday.


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